Computational Linguistics Research Initiative

Although The Lighthouse focuses on STEM subjects, the applications of STEM exist within every facet of academia. Our president and editor-in-chief, Kunal, is involved in research at the intersection of Computer Science and Linguistics. He is looking to bolster the underwhelming representation of undergraduate students in computational linguistics research. If you are currently involved in research in computational linguistics, would like to get involved in computational linguistics, or just wanted to learn more, he is looking for other interested undergraduates to join his personal projects in computational linguistics.

Projects that he is currently working on are:

  1. Analyzing the Gun Violence Database to develop the relationship between race and media portrayal of gun violence across the United States. He is utilizing natural language processing to quantify the emotions expressed in the headlines of articles pertaining to gun violence.

  2. Correlate language used in Strava titles to the social media response of the activity through sentiment analysis with BERT.

  3. Identifying methods to utilize computational linguistics techniques in the battle to preserve indigenous languages.

If you are interested in any of the above projects or want help starting your own project, please reach out to him at