Submit your work

Current TimeLine - Spring 2021

The Lighthouse is currently accepting submissions from February 20th to March 10th for the Spring 2021 issue. Please abide by our guidelines for submission detailed below to be considered for publication.

Guidelines for submission

  1. Your submission must feature work completed as an undergraduate student (it can include work done alongside mentors who are not undergraduate students)

  2. Your submission must advance knowledge of science, technology, engineering, or math in some fashion

  3. Your submission must include a cover page, short summary of the work completed, a bibliography, and an author biography

  4. If an academic paper, your submission must be a PDF no more than 30 pages, Times New Roman, 12 point, and double-spaced

  5. Your submission must be free of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or any other form of discrimination

How to Submit

Please send an email to with the subject line of the email reading firstname_lastname_lighthousesubmission. The email should contain no more than four attachments:

  1. Your submission as a PDF, including your cover page and bibliography

  2. A short summary of your work (200 word maximum) as a PDF

  3. A short author biography describing your academic history (80 word maximum) as a PDF

  4. A picture of yourself (optional)

All work must also be submitted in accordance with the current timeline and guidelines for submission detailed above. By submitting your work to The Lighthouse you consent to the distribution and advertisement of any and all portions of the submission in affiliation with The Lighthouse.

Judgement Process

Our journal prides itself on our transparency in the judgement process. The main four questions our editors look to answer when reviewing a submission are:

  1. Does this piece progress our community's understanding of a subject under the umbrella of science, technology, science or math?

  2. Does this piece exhibit the author's curiosity, creativity and ingenuity for the topic of their submission?

  3. Does this piece feature authentic work completed by the author?

  4. If published, will this piece reflect positivity on The Lighthouse as a whole?

Our editorial staff will review every piece within one week of submissions closing. You will receive a response immediately following your submission to confirm that our editorial team is reviewing it and a response with the verdict of the judgement process no later than a week after submissions close. Every submission will receive word of the editors' decision regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

If your submission is selected to be published in The Lighthouse, our editors will thoroughly work with you to ensure the highest quality publication possible which both you and our journal can be proud to present.